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Junior Players in Open Age Cricket

May 18, 2017

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When a player is playing in the seasons Under 13’s age group and is in Year 8 at school they can play in Open Age ( Adult ) Cricket. Each case is determined on the player’s ability and stage of cognitive and emotional maturity.

Parents should give written consent for them to play. If the child has not come through the clubs youth structure or has a parent playing in the team then their parents should be invited to the club to ensure they are clear about the following policies :

• Changing and showering

• Transport

• Contacting about availability to play

• Social Media

The Club Welfare Officer should ensure that the captain of the side has an up to date ECB DBS Enhanced clearance and they are aware of all policies as above and will discuss with parents those issues. In addition they will adhere to ECB Helmets, Fast Bowling Directives and Fielding regulations for that child’s age group. They should also ensure that umpires are aware of their age and this is taken into consideration around the hydration requirements of children who will playing longer games and could be fielding under intense sun for three plus hours.

The only exception to the age group is if the child is in the Essex County U12 Performance Squad and it is felt that their development will benefit from playing in adult cricket. It should be noted that this age group play with the ‘junior ball’ and a shorter pitch and it is very unlikely that a young bowler will benefit. Only an exceptional County U12 batsman would be considered and in that case the club should apply to Nick Down or Simon Humby at Essex Cricket who will give their written permission if they feel it will benefit their development.

Phil Knappett


BTCL Note : This message received from Essex County and this is generally applicable policy for all counties. Please contact League Child Welfare Officer for further details.