Tuesday, 11th May 2021

The first ever T20 Blaze took place in Surrey country

August 16, 2018

The first ever T20Blaze took place in the surrey County, where it was a great opportunity for the Surrey Cricket Foundation (SCF) who Continues to work with many Communities through Cricket Leagues, Projects and other programmes in identifying the next of young players from a diverse backgrounds and cultures coming together representing their Countries of origin, Communities or groups. The Competition brought together six teams, India XI, Pakistan XI, West Indies XI, Bangladesh XI, Tamil XL and a team from the Refugee Cricket Project XI with the young people from age ranges from 15 to 21 years old. The T20 Asia Blaze started four years ago found by both Capital kids Cricket and London Tigers with the aims to use this platform in reaching out to young people playing competitive in different Cricket Leauges & Clubs / Teams and Providing an additional flavor by representing their Country of origin or community with each team organisers coming from established Community Cricket Leagues or projects. Surrey Cricket Foundation saw the positive success and impact the T20 Asiz Blaze delivered in East London and Essex and we were keen to set this up in the Surrey County and link this as part of our Elite pathway and strategy programme which includes players trialing for the Surrey Team to play in the ECB City Cup with the aims for some of the talented players to shine in the eyes of County Coaches and Scouts to one day gain a professional contract. All fixtures were played at Dulwich Sports Ground.
As expected, all six teams were equally matched, witnessing the best of the best young players being reached out with all giving their best to impress. In the group phase, we had three teams finishing on the same amount of points and head to head results could not seperate on who is crowned Champions. On wednesday 25th July 2018, a Finals days 3 way series was put together with the day belonging to the Tamil XI who are managed by the British Tamil Cricket League (BTCL) winning both games against the pakistan XI and the Refugee Cricket Project XI as they
were crowned as the first ever Surrey Cricket Foundation T20 Blazes 2018 Champions and will go on to play the Champions from the Essex County ‘England XI’. The Surrey Cricket Foundation countinues to build relations with Cricketing Communities who continues in leading many innovative programmes which provides multiple flavors to the game and also reaching out to the wider audiences. Thank you to the Competition Organisers, Team Organisers, Match Officials and everyone at Dulwich Sports Ground as a collective this would not have been possible to achieve.




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